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Over the last couple of months, I lost some weight, so I was excited to investigate my closet for "skinny" clothes and discovered a pair of linen shorts! It had been a few years since they saw sunshine and I was excited to wear them. I happily wore my little shorts to run errands around town until I walked past a mirror in a store and thought..."OMG, these shorts are U-G-L-Y".
I wrote a letter to my oldest son last year when he was leaving for college for the first time. I never shared it. I thought I would share it now with "a year later" reflection.  (To read my letter, click on the image)
Holidays remind us to appreciate our peeps.  This follow-up post, is part two offering creative ideas to show appreciation during the holidays. Here are a few more ideas that won't break the bank.
Ring-a-ding!!  ' Tis the season of gratitude. The holidays remind us to take a step back and show the people in our lives gratitude. Appreciation does not have to be wrapped in a bow!. Here are a few unconventional ways to show you care...
Over the past couple summer months I have seen many Facebook e-articles regarding students leaving for college for the first time and parents dealing with the process. All that reading, and I am no more prepared.