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Bullies. They are physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive.

We love to portray bully's in movies like Biff from “Back to the Future’s”, Draco, “Harry Potter”, “Mean Girl’s”, Plastics leader, Regina George., Percy of “The Green Mile”, Johnny Laurence in “Karate Kid”, the list goes on.. . We love to hate bullies and adore when they spur heroes to extreme action. In movies they are often comical or dramatically portrayed and they provide a challenge for the film's protagonist. But life’s not like a movie is it? Bullies aren’t usually funny or go away that easily. Especially that bully inside you.
F-A-T.  It’s a terrible word, but it’s descriptive. It brings to mind an emotional response as well as a visual one, doesn’t it? People might say, it’s not a politically-correct term, use “BMI limited”, “person of substance” or  “gravitationally challenged”
Life changes. Friendship changes. It is inevitable. Of course we hope that things change for the “better” but sometimes we are left with questions….  What was the point of that? Why did our friendship end? What did I do? Why did the good stuff have to end?