5 more ways to show gratitude …6-10 (Part two)

Holidays remind us to appreciate our peeps.  This follow-up post, is part two offering creative ideas to show appreciation during the holidays. Here are a few more ideas that won’t break the bank.

6.  50 ways to show you love her or him…
Or make it 10 or 20? When we took our turns turning 40 a few years ago 🙁 my friend sent me a beautiful Tiffany necklace. It is beautiful. I did not have, “Tiffany money” to reciprocate the amazing gift. I had to think of something creative. So I sent her a beautiful box filled with 40 reasons she was amazing and what I loved about her.  I wrote them in script on little blank business cards and folded each slightly to fill the box. There were a few other “surviving being 40” items like chocolate and smut, but the cards are what showed the love. Create a little mason jar filled with your thanks and reasons they are amazing.

7. Better to be kind than right.
The holidays make people rude, hurried and behave poorly. And those are just your family members. It’s not you, it’s them.  They complain the turkey to too dry or they insist you wear that poly-blend turkey themed sweater (that itches) they bought you for the holidays. Sometimes,  it’s better to let your inner gratitude show and it may serve you better to be kind, than right. Sometimes it’s easier to just look through rose colored glasses and have another glass of wine while you wear that turkey sweater.

8.  Mix tape
What’s old is what’s new. The format has changed to flash-drive, memory card or disc…but the sentiment is the same as in the 80’s. Take the time to create a compilation of songs that inspire, theme a relationship or share memories. My sons don’t read, so I can share here that I am making them each a mix tape for the holidays this year. I am aiming for a  blend of old school and new that won’t make their eyes roll. They love music and I want to show my my love for them with individualized mixes.

9. HUG
This is great if you can’t handle eye contact or overly mushy sentiments. A good hug literally boosts oxytocin levels, which heal feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anger; lifts one’s serotonin levels, elevating mood and creating happiness; boosts self esteem; aids the immune system and relieves stress as muscles relax. Literally a hug is the gift of health, healing and love. We should have hug stations in every Starbucks. Give your loved one a hug and just say “thanks for being you”.

10. Companionship through the misery
We have gifts and hates. If someone is complaining about grocery shopping or errands, offer to “go with”.  Sometimes just having company through the mundane creates fun. A long car ride, a college pick up, a doctor appointment, organizing tax receipts….another example how the gift of time (whether is it a lot or a little) solidifies a relationship.

This is part two of three posts to creatively show gratitude with meaning and thoughtfulness. See you in a couple of days with My last few ways to show gratitude (Part Three)


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