I want to be in a witness protection program.

I have no connection to Columbian Drug Lords or have ever witnessed a bloody mob hit (do they still have those?) but I still think I’m a candidate for a witness protection program.

A name change, a hidden identity and an opportunity to reflect. It might be my mid-life crisis or my middle income stagnation, but I would like an opportunity to escape.

Mind you this is not forever, just 4-6 months. I think there is a genius service out there waiting to be discovered other than the federal government. “Witness Protection Vacations”. Notify your family and friends that your leaving for a while, don’t try and find me. I’ll be in touch.

I would get to escape my job and my life challenges to do something else, perhaps a dance instructor in Spain, life coach in California or a personal assistant to a Kennedy… Just something else. Maybe something boring like a hot dog vender on the beach? I am not saying the grass is greener on the other side, just saying my grass needs to grow.

A extended alternate life. Not like a wife swap as I don’t want to fill someone else’s shoes…just want to try a new pair. I also don’t want a new family or cheat on my spouse…more a vacation from myself.

Imagine, you leave, you do something else, gain perspective and hopefully find a vitality to either go back and appreciate your life’s challenges or gain the ability to change them for the better.

It’s a unique idea that isn’t fully thought out…but might be fun.


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