Ugly Shorts

Over the last couple of months, I lost some weight, so I was excited to investigate my closet for “skinny” clothes and discovered a pair of linen shorts! It had been a few years since they saw sunshine and I was excited to wear them. I happily wore my little shorts to run errands around town until I walked past a mirror in a store and thought…”OMG, these shorts are U-G-L-Y”.

Tan linen, wrinkly and they looked terrible on me…they were all baggy and sad. Why had I been saving them all this time? I saved them to “fit into them again”, but I have come to realize I was holding onto some “ugly”.

So here comes the metaphor….what other “ugly stuff” in lurking about…being kept to hopefully use or process one day? What a waste of space in my closet…as there are other “uglies” hiding in the dark. Sometimes, you just have to toss, donate or get ride of ugly memories, feelings and apparently shorts as they are not fulfilling the dream of positive thoughts or a better looking butt.

The end.
Short and sweet.


Andrea Leppert
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