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I have no connection to Columbian Drug Lords or have ever witnessed a bloody mob hit (do they still have those?) but I still think I'm a candidate for a witness protection program.
Billy Joel sings "Don't go changing to try and please me....la la la...I want you just the way you are".  That's so sweet and accepting to appreciate someone the way they are and to hope for them not to change...but it's totally unrealistic!  While, I am taking the song a little out of context, the lyrics should maybe be "Don't change for me, but I know you will change over time so will I...we can try to accept it, or choose to leave.....lalalalalalaaaa" My version does not flow well, but it's much more realistic.
Young woman inside wardrobe with closed door, low section Maybe it's the start of a mid-life crisis or perhaps meaningful enlightenment from all the yoga I have been practicing, but I am ready to come out of the closet. I know my husband already knows.
You probably think I am talking to you, maybe I am. Another birthday has crept up on me. I would compare my birthdays to "creepy clowns".  Unavoidable (much like Halloween, scary books and movies), disturbing, full of trickery and if I am lucky.... there will be candy.
Personally I have a lot of regrets. They range from bad hair cuts to getting kicked out of college my freshman year. I’ve said things to friends that I regret; hurt people and I have made bad fashion choices (child of the 80's). Sometimes I ask "Why did I do that?" So dumb! So ignorant! I make mistakes, we all make mistakes…but we can also learn from them as well…maybe? Maybe not!