Recently I was making excuses for falling off my healthy eating wagon to my 20 year old son..."it's been so busy", "I was at a business thing..." blah blah....his response, compassionate but matter of fact: "Mom, Just do better". I looked at him and responded "Ok"
Over the last couple of months, I lost some weight, so I was excited to investigate my closet for "skinny" clothes and discovered a pair of linen shorts! It had been a few years since they saw sunshine and I was excited to wear them. I happily wore my little shorts to run errands around town until I walked past a mirror in a store and thought..."OMG, these shorts are U-G-L-Y".
I was reading about the history of the American Circus…which quite frankly creeps me out, but I do find myself drawn like a tourist to the “stage acts” AKA “freak shows’. I’m not going to delve into the horrible ethics related to this attraction, but rather express my sympathy and admiration for the bearded lady, and maybe her friend the fat lady.

Bullies. They are physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive.

We love to portray bully's in movies like Biff from “Back to the Future’s”, Draco, “Harry Potter”, “Mean Girl’s”, Plastics leader, Regina George., Percy of “The Green Mile”, Johnny Laurence in “Karate Kid”, the list goes on.. . We love to hate bullies and adore when they spur heroes to extreme action. In movies they are often comical or dramatically portrayed and they provide a challenge for the film's protagonist. But life’s not like a movie is it? Bullies aren’t usually funny or go away that easily. Especially that bully inside you.