Just do better

Recently I was making excuses for falling off my healthy eating wagon to my 20 year old son…”it’s been so busy”, “I was at a business thing…” blah blah….his response, compassionate but matter of fact: “Mom, Just do better”. I looked at him and responded “Ok”

What a simple goal. Simple response….Such simple guy logic. I like it. Don’t make excuses,  just do it.

Just do better

What a great way to approach so many things:

  • When someone hurts you and they apologize. Respond, “I forgive you, but just do better”.
  • When you child makes a mistake
  • When an adult makes a mistake
  • If your work-out sucked
  • Bad job review
  • Bad dating experience
  • Cooked a crappy meal
  • Bad behavior
  • Bad joke
  • Bad drunk
  • Caught gossiping
  • Caught eating a co-workers lunch from break room fridge
  • You ______ fill in the blank.


Man-posterI just adore the simplicity. Thought I would share.   Also, if you want to post this simple logic on your fridge, at work, in the car, in your kids room…. here’s a downloadable poster:


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