The 5 stages of denial that you’re not going anywhere for spring break.

It’s that glorious time of year when the lucky get to flee the enduring Midwestern winter and get away during the spring holiday break. There are many reasons  keeping you from going…maybe you can’t afford to miss work, or didn’t get that tax return cash yet,  or maybe you just could not go…so you process through the 5 stages of denial that you are not going anywhere.

Stage 1: Panic A month before spring break, you realize it’s almost here and you have NO PLANS.  So you panic and start shopping for great airfare and vacations online and find that perhaps “you can still do something..there’s still time” but this temporary relief lulls you into commitment dissonance. Unfortunately, you get distracted and you forget to actually book airfare or make any plans.

Stage 2: Positive Thinking  The week before spring break, you remember “Oh crap, I forgot to figure something out”, as people are announcing prep work and awesome destinations and you think, “It’s all fine, it will fun staying home and I’ll get a lot done.”

Stage 3: Revelation You notice on Facebook that your entire city population has left and are are now posting sunny, fun and drunken photos. Jealousy, envy and other not flattering emotions fester in you as you realize “OMG, I have to stay here all week”. You accept that the opportunity has come, and you missed the boat.

Stage 4: Mock You now poke fun of all the people that are gone, wonder who is watching their houses and dogs? This might be followed by pointing out how pale they are in their online beach pictures and with evil thoughts you may criticize  their vacation destination choices. You may want to mock Facebook and Instagram posts with your own photos “Chilling on the sofa”, “On my way to work”, “Here are my toes in the snow and mud (not sand)”. Guilt sets in and you think “Good for them, sure hope they don’t get too burned’

Stage 5: Acceptance. You admit that you’re not going anywhere. You consider your options for a mock-spring break trip…perhaps go to a tanning spa, spray tan, do home highlights or pull out the blender to make fruity drinks. After you exhaust Groupon, Living Social for fun and cheap things to do… make your spring “staycation” special ….you just end up planning next years spring break trip.

Peace and Sun.

Andrea Leppert
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