I have no connection to Columbian Drug Lords or have ever witnessed a bloody mob hit (do they still have those?) but I still think I'm a candidate for a witness protection program.
Young woman inside wardrobe with closed door, low section Maybe it's the start of a mid-life crisis or perhaps meaningful enlightenment from all the yoga I have been practicing, but I am ready to come out of the closet. I know my husband already knows.

Psychology 101: The Placebo Effect. Things that make us feel better but don't actually do anything. Case and Example: Elevator "Close-Door" button: You can likely stop pounding on the “Close Door”...

It’s that glorious time of year when the lucky get to flee the enduring Midwestern winter and get away during the spring holiday break. There are many reasons  keeping you from going...maybe you can’t afford to miss work, or didn't get that tax return cash yet,  or maybe you just could not go...so you process through the 5 stages of denial that you are not going anywhere.

The friend circle I have surrounded (found) myself in has a couple of defining characteristics, the most generous being humor. Other great characteristics include being loving and kind, honesty, good listening skills, spontaneous nature and lastly ownership of a boat or beach home (just kidding, kinda)...all good characteristics....but humor is at the forefront.... If your life is like mine then you have limited choices of family members, neighbors, parents at the school, committee members on volunteer gigs, bosses....make sense to "choose" the "right" friends for your needs. One of my needs is to LAUGH...and often. Here are a couple of stories to share and giggle at.