I get good parking spots. Usually up front, almost every-time. Why? Luck? (I don’t believe in luck), or: am I more patient to find the good spot have better timing...

The friend circle I have surrounded (found) myself in has a couple of defining characteristics, the most generous being humor. Other great characteristics include being loving and kind, honesty, good listening skills, spontaneous nature and lastly ownership of a boat or beach home (just kidding, kinda)...all good characteristics....but humor is at the forefront.... If your life is like mine then you have limited choices of family members, neighbors, parents at the school, committee members on volunteer gigs, bosses....make sense to "choose" the "right" friends for your needs. One of my needs is to LAUGH...and often. Here are a couple of stories to share and giggle at.
Don’t you sometimes wish there was a greeting card you could give a friend that says “Thank you for all the years, but this relationship is no longer healthy or fun, and I’m really not getting anything out of it! So good luck and take care, good bye and God Bless”
Life changes. Friendship changes. It is inevitable. Of course we hope that things change for the “better” but sometimes we are left with questions….  What was the point of that? Why did our friendship end? What did I do? Why did the good stuff have to end?