Would LOVE to share your story or point of view. Here are some guidelines of what we are looking for.

Story or Article Guidelines

It is very important that all writing is written well for a general audience with topics of interest that will appeal towards our diverse readers. The purpose of this blog is to give an opportunity to share funny, inspiring and entertaining stories. They should be your voice. Everyone has a story….share yours.

Length of Blog Entry

  • 250-750 words

Write for a General Audience

  • Acronyms–Spell out all acronyms the first time they’re used
  • Jargon—Define unusual terms for other types of clientele
  • Reader’s Knowledge Level–Write as if the reader knows nothing about what you do (since some won’t!); for example, briefly explain all important points rather than assuming that the reader will be familiar with specific parts of your ideology or life.
  • Skip Minute Details–Focus on an overview; the audience will get lost in the details.
  • Direct, Simple Language–Write as you normally speak so it’s your voice and personality; not only will 25-cent words not impress the audience, it might discourage them from reading since the article will appear stuffy, formal, and boring.

Write for a Web Audience

It’s estimated that web readers read less than 30% of what’s written, so content should be appropriate for Web readers.

  • Inverted Pyramid–The inverted pyramid is a journalism term, but it works well for short and concise web writing. It means to give the main point first and then fill in the details (like a news story).
  • Concise Text–Remove redundancy, unnecessary words, and unimportant details to ensure that the text is crisp, clean, and compact.
  • Sub-Headlines–Break long paragraphs of text into smaller chunks with headlines and sub-headlines, giving the readers an easy path to read parts they’re interested in.
  • Use Bullets–Use bullets to show listed items; it makes the content easier to read and appear more organized.
  • Contextual Links–Include links to related content, and make sure that the words being linked are contextual.


We will encourage and solicit submission of Photos that are interesting that inspire, amuse or express emotion.  Nothing weird or inappropriate, political or pornish. Cuz that’s just icky.