This little basic site Unusual Guru is an opportunity to meld many of my passions for the benefit of others. I give this site to you to enjoy, laugh, share and if by chance it inspires you, that is a reward back to me I humbly accept.

beach and walkway

My retirement plan is to live a Bohemian lifestyle in Hawaii (or other perfect beachy place) spending my day in long skirts, flip flops and have a small goat farm. I would like to have a little tent that sells stuff like cheese, pretty shells I found on morning walks, yummy things my husband would make (he’s the cook), autograph my books and give-away an unlimited amount of happiness and laughter, yet….in the interim I live in the Midwest, drive a family vehicle, attend soccer and football games and wear layers, layers and layers…no goats, but I fell in love with yoga a year ago,,so on my way to a Bohemian lifestyle..

I am my father’s daughter. Needless to say I tend to be a workaholic, intuitive about people and at times, drink too much coffee. Judge me not.  I genuinely love people, making people laugh and doing busy, creative work. I think I am a funny girl, but not dysfunctional enough to be a stand-up comedian. I am a marketing geek. Ergo, my day job, (sigh). I am a Jill of all Trades….marketing, graphic design, public relations, teaching, writing, mentoring, research, planning….and now blogging.

Enjoy. Laugh. Peace.


My detailed education and work history are on LinkedIn.