I am many things, but I am not a racist.

I am many things: a mother, a want-to-be-writer, a pretty good gymnast (at one point in my life), good at jump rope, a movie buff, very idealistic, a terrible golfer, a terrible bowler and I am also a white lady in the middle of white America suburbia. One thing I am not, is a racist, so please don’t assume that I am.

One of my earliest jobs in marketing was at a family amusement center. One sunny, happy day I was walking to the kitchen for coffee and an elderly lady held up her hand to stop me. She was drinking coffee with another sweet older lady in the cafe area.

I looked at the cute little ladies adoringly and the lady that stopped me said to me “I always liked this place, but it has changed since you started hiring them”.

I looked at her, semi-bewildered as I needed coffee bad and looked around? Like huh? Duh? Then I looked at the staff on duty. Cleaning and stocking for the day were all “non-caucasion” people. I then got her meaning.

Now I had a choice, tell the old lady off and try to teach her a lesson on tolerance (as if a tiger can change it’s stripes) and potentially loose my job, agree or ignore her comments and just complain and be pissy all day or be clever.

I choice the last and said, “Yes, things have changed….for the better. Would you like another cup of coffee?”  She said no thank you as she did not get my meaning and looked confused….and I walked off smiling.

That was a long time ago….but I find the same thing happening today at work or social events. Don’t assume you know me, my beliefs, who I love, how I was raised or my anything from the way I look or where I am from.

Don’t think because I look like you that I feel the same as you or visa versa. BTW….I also don’t like Country music.

I am many things.
So are you.
Let’s talk. 🙂


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